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How To Loose Weight Naturally?

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Lots of people face challenge managing their weight and with a lot of fake claim products and self acclaimed dietitians in market, people waste their hard earned money but still not able to lose weight.

How To Lose Weight Naturally?

Most of the products and diets available out there takes toll on you and curbs your digestion and short term weight loss lead to long term side effects that negatively impact your body.

So, its really hard to tell that what to believe and what to avoid.

Ways To Control Weight

There are certain natural ways to control your weight and look beautiful without any side effects.

These ways can really help you loose weight in a short amount of time without weakness or any side effects & even without torturing yourself.

1. Limit Amount Of High Sugar Foods

Sugar doesn't only taste good in moment, it makes you crave more sugar in future. When we eat more cakes, ice cream, donuts and other such foods, Our pallet sensitivity reduces and natural sources of sugar like fruits just seems dull as per taste.

So Having high sugar is directly proportional to high level of fats in body.

sugar also decreases insulin sensitivity.

Also try to buy more raw foods then processed foods.

2. Pick Single Ingredient Foods

These are foods with low calorie density. So they will fill you up more by giving less calories.

Its like comparing oreo's to broccoli, taking 100gms of broccoli fills you much more giving you less than 10% calories then oreo, contributing to the weight loss.

Also single ingredient food need higher energy to break and digest.

3. While Buying Anything Check Added Sugar

Even products that claim to be healthy they are full of tons of ingredients such as preservatives and sugar to make it tastier and highly consumable.

So rather then buying packaged juices, smoothies, soups etc, its best to make them fresh at home.

It will help you gain more nutrition and help you to cut down on unnecessary sugars and calories helping you loose more weight.

4. Drink A Lot Of Water

Consuming good amount of water helps your metabolisms and helps you burn up to 100 additional calories everyday.

Those who consumes lot of colddrinks and packaged cola's. Taking good amount of water can help them save hundreds of calories in a day

Also single ingredient food need higher energy to break and digest.

5. Take Ayurvedic Metabolism Boosters

Start with taking ayurvedic metabolism boosters and weight management programs Like Renovate from Parbhu Ji Ayurveda.

These boosters enhances your metabolism and help you break down food quickly into energy and you without making any significant change continue to loose couple of Kgs every month.

& With a proper diet regime that can go up to 5 kgs. a month and fat lost by this method doesn't comes back easily.

6. Increase Protein Intake

Proetien helps fill you up and keep you full for more time & also its takes a lot of calories to digest protein.

Also Protein helps to build your muscle, so you don't feel weakness.

Try to go 0.7gms protein per kg, as per your weight.

There are lot more things you can do to reduce your fats, so you can also take care that you

7. Try to avoid alcohol and if you want to go for flavour free vodka, rum aur gin.

8. Keep oats and healthy carbs in your meal

9. Keep working out, so that you can have great shape when you loose weight.

10. Take Minimum 7-8 hours of sleep at night

Loosing weight is a task that needs consistency and dedication. You can order Renovate to boost your weight loss journey and loose weight without sweating much.

Do comment what topic you would like to know about next.

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